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Does Caffeine Shampoo work? 5 Reaons to prove Caffeine shampoo does not help hair loss. People also ask What is the side effects of caffeine shampoo.

5 Reaons to prove Caffeine shampoo does not help hair loss

Today, we can see tons of hairloss products that claims to be effective,

especially the rise of the Caffeine Shampoo.

Does it really help? Does caffeine stimulate hair growth?

Is there any side effects? What are the opinions from doctors?


This article reveals some of the argument, let’s start!


What is the effect of caffeine shampoo on the anti-hair loss? 

According to a report on the effectiveness of caffeine shampoo

(Caffeine neutralises the negative effect of testosterone), 

it is claimed that keeping Caffeine on one’s scape for only 2 minutes,

Caffeine will penetrate the follicle and stay for 48 hours.

While one report focuses on the high penetration power of Caffeine,

another claims its effectiveness on stimulating cells to grow.


However, neither of them is the official clinical case report

but sort of simple research based on unclear factors.

More than that, you may notice the studies are full of

contradictions and lack unity if you put a clear

mind in reading the details.


What is the side effects of caffeine shampoo?

News has, in fact, warned the public the possibility of Caffeine sensitizing one’s scalp.

While what we really worrying about is the remains of chemical materials on the scalp.

Since it is very likely that the Caffeine shampoos we’ve found in the market contains

mixed chemicals which will lead to a consequence of having chains of side effects,

we are not sure about if we should allow the Caffeine to stay on our scalp.


How do the experts say about Caffeine? 

It is not hard to find the doubts about the effectiveness of

Caffeine on hair grow from doctors in some public interviews.

Doctors do have a big concern of the “unknown factors”

on public claiming how Caffeine could stop hair loss.

It is easy to spot on some language tricks on the advertisements

or reports trying to confuse the audience by adding the wordings like “possibly”, “likely” etc.


Why increasing advertisements on Caffeine Shampoo?

Nowadays, there are lots of advertisements claiming that caffeine

is effective in preventing hair loss. It is easy to find such news shared

in popular discussion forums

and social medias arising heated discussions.


More than that, images or videos posted by some youtuber exaggerating

the effect of Caffeine in the net is everywhere to find.


You can find the ad medias are selling Triple Eight caffeine shampoo,

mg caffeine shampoo, Alpecin c1 caffeine shampoo, all of them

you can buy them in Official website

e.g. Tesco, eBay, Amazon, Taobao. 

However, does the application of caffeine shampoo really

prevent individuals from having hair loss?


How reliable is the research on Caffeine?

Before blindly trusting the research result, we suggest one could

understand the sample size in so-called scientific research.

It would not be a surprise if the report is based on a sample size of fewer than 100 individuals.


According to our 10 years of hand on experiences in the industry,

we understand that every individual carries difference scalp

with difference hair situation. It is almost impossible to rely

only on one single formula for every human being.


One should bear in mind that some experiments are very likely

to be sponsored by the commercial organization.

There are no businessmen would ever say a single negative word for their products.

Therefore, it would not be a surprised that such researching report is highly skeptical.


To Conclude……

Our humble opinion is one should take extra careful in choosing hair products.

The least we want to see is having our family & friends losing more hair

than they should because they have chosen the wrong products.


Therefore, it is not a wise decision to pick on any “hot” product

in the market with no solid and clear information with any genuine scientific supporting for curing hair loss.


Finally…..Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo is banned by the ASA from mentioning “it can help to reduce hair loss” on their products

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said consumers would understand

the claim to mean that using the product would result in a reduced rate and quantity of hair loss.

However it found that none of the information provided by Alpecin included adequate evidence

that this was the case, noting that some results were measured using a “hair pull” test.


The ASA said: “Taking into account the body of evidence as a whole,

we considered that we had not seen any studies of the actual product as used

by consumers on their scalp using an accurate and objective analysis of hair growth,

in a well-designed and well-conducted trial.

“We concluded that the claim ‘it can actually help to reduce hair loss’

had not been substantiated and was therefore misleading.”


It ruled that the ad must not appear again, adding:

“We told Alpecin not to state or imply that their product could reduce hair loss

unless they held adequate evidence to support their claims.”


(ASA Ruling on Dr Kurt Wolff GmbH & Co KG t/a Alpecin




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